Video shoot of FAST-GRIND PRO finish

After successful tests and demonstrations a video shoot was organised to film the FAST-GRIND system and PRO FINISH. The selected floor was a warehouse of 220m² where the owner had classical problems with a floor which was very hard to keep clean and maintain.

The first step was to clean the floor with FAST-STRIP to take off all the grease, oil and tyre marks of the floor. Then the first wet grinding steps of grit 50 and 120 exposed nice fine ‘salt & pepper’ aggregates. After grinding with grit 120, FAST-DENSIFY Sodium was used to densify and harden the concrete floor and then to continue wet grinding with grit 200 and 400. The floor was dried using a blower machine to continue dry grinding with grit 800. The floor was finished using diamond pads and also FAST-PROTECT which is a impregnating stainprotection to protect the floor from water- and oil based stains.

We had a very successful video shoot and you can see the results here on our YouTube channel.