We are very proud to announce the new and completely redesigned FAST-GRIND System. We used valuable feedback from customers and completely redesigned the FAST-FRAME and the diamond tools.

In the new frame, we replaced the drive plate pad holders with metal drive plates with incisions to insert the new diamond tools. The old FAST-GRIND Discs are replaced with new tools, designed with a magnetic plate that easily snaps to the frame and stays in position.

Improvements of the new system:

  • More durable driveplates and less weathering of the hook & loop drive plates
  • Newly designed resin bond tools with ample space between the segments to improve water and dirt flow and prevent slumping
  • New resin bond that is even more durable with an even lower cost per m²
  • The new tools are now compatible with all frames, reducing the costs of initial investment
  • 60 cm frame for edgers now has 4 drive plates for increased stability
  • The new frames come with pad holders to support the pads in grit 1500 – 3000 and 8000


Interested? Contact us at info@fast-grind.com to request the dealer price list or demo materials.