What if you could not only get the fastest polishing results, but also the fastest cleaning results, all with the same power trowel machine? Would be awesome, right!

We’re very excited to announce we’re currently testing a new addition to the FAST-GRIND product range: FAST-BRUSHES. This is a variant to the traditional FAST-GRIND frame, but with cleaning brushes attached instead of regular drive plates.

The first tests have been very promising. With a power trowel machine, the FAST-Brushes system and FAST-Strip, this old parking garage was cleaned at extreme cost efficiency! Fun fact: this client only required cleaning, but with the regular FAST-GRIND system with grit 50, it’s also possible to clean away the parking lines.

We are currently looking for projects to do some more cleaning tests and we also want to try this system to wash out exposed aggregate concrete. Want to try it? Contact us for more information on info@fast-grind.com!